Palm Sunday Melbourne Walk for Justice 2018 – Review


Walk for Justice for Refugees 2018

The 2018 Melbourne Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees was a outstanding expression of support for Refugees and Refugee Rights. With a crowd reported at over 8,000 people calling for a fundamental change to Australia’s policies towards Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

People from all walks of life, groups from all parts of the community listened to speakers such as Tim Costello from World Vision Australia, Abdul Aziz Adam live from Manus Island and Anwar Ibrahim a Rohingyan refugee and other speakers sharing their stories and insights.

The walk through Melbourne along Swanston St, Bourke St and La Trobe st returning to the State Libray provided a chance to share the call for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Rights to thousands of shoppers and visitors to the city.

The fight for a just and humane approach for Refugee and Asylum Seekers still continues. You can join in by contacting your local member of parliament, starting a conversation with friends or families or joining a refugee support group in your community. By working together we will achieve change.